4 Secrets to Having an American English Accent: Advanced Pronunciation Lesson

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Let’s talk about four ways to sound more American when you speak English. Have you ever been watching an American movie and thought it would be great if I could sound like Tom Cruise? Or maybe you’ve watched one of my videos already and thought I would love to sound like Vanessa.

Well today I’m gonna give you some tips to help you make your pronunciation sound more like an American and by American I mean the United States of America. There are a couple things that we need to talk about first though. What in the world is an American accent? Because a lot of people in the US have different styles of speaking. Here I’m gonna be explaining how to sound like the most general American accent which is that of news reporters or Hollywood.

When you think about Tom Cruise, this is the accent that I’m talking about. I’m not talking about a New York accent, a southern accent, a California accen.t I’m talking about standard American English. Of course if you want to sound more American, you need to use American expressions instead of British or Australian expressions. So if you would like to know some differences between these expressions and make sure you check out the playlist that I’ll link here and in the description.

And finally the best way to improve your pronunciation to sound more American or if you want to sound more British or Australian is to shadow. And this means you’re imitating word-for-word everything that the person is saying. You’re repeating directly after the speaker. I have a couple videos where I explain the shadowing technique. So be sure to click there or in the description to check out those videos.

Source: Speak English with Vanessa Channel on Youtube


  1. Thanks
    From this video i know
    How do you pronounce correctly in the tone of an american speaking person this video is very good and helpful
    Thank you

  2. American english is way more easy to understand for me. That’s why i love it. Thank you for the advice! *Cheers*

  3. a good and useful video. this video helped me recite english in american pronunciation and its expressions.This video provides clear and easy to understand pronunciation and expressions.

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