5 Steps to Improve Your English Listening

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Here is an English lesson to help you improve your English listening.
You will find simple and effective ways that you can use to improve your English listening skills. We will also help  you with a practical and easy-to-follow study plan to help you improve your English listening fast. Please check the following video.



1. Relax! 2:19
2. Don’t Try to Translate 4:25
3. Use Context to Help You Understand 5:33
4. Practise with Different Situations and Voices 8:02
5. Make a Study Plan 10:02


This English lesson is going to help you in:
– Learning how to relax when you are listening to English speakers.
– Understanding why translating from English into your language is a bad idea.
– Learning ways to use the context to better listen to & understand English.
– Thinking about different situations in which you’ll listen to English & try to understand.
– Making a study plan for the best ways to improve your English listening.


Source: Oxford Online English Channel on Youtube

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