A Method to x100 Your Productivity

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Watch Robin Sharma’s explanation on increasing your productivity.

To summarize the video, here are some important points:

1. 90/90/1 Rule
For the next 90 days , focus the first 90 minutes of your day on the 1 thing that will change your game.

2. Tight Bubbles of Total Focus
Setup distraction free, minimalist environments. Be very hard to reach.

3. Choose your peer group wisely
Surround yourself with productive , like minded people. If you spend time with victims , you’ll be a victim.

4. Learned Minimalism
Fill your home with few things , fill your goals with few projects. Focus your days on those few priorities.


  1. I Agree with this video. He teach us about the more better life, with increasing our productivity. He teach us how to focus to 1 rule for 90 days 90 minutes, teach us to choose our peer group with productivity people.

  2. This video has been very good and beneficial in motivating study of English material especially for beginners.

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