A New Way to Learn to Read English

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Narda Pitkethly created a system that profoundly simplifies learning how to read. Watch how her system reduces illiteracy and many of its negative consequences.

Narda Pitkethly moved to Japan after college and discovered the Japanese had created a simple method of learning to read, called Hiragana. Through their method, Narda learned to read Japanese in a week. Within three months, her comprehension allowed her to communicate freely in her home city of Fukuoka. In 1988 Narda moved from Japan to Sun Valley because the small community and year-round outdoor activities enticed her.

An accomplished glassblower, she often travels to Boise to create works of art. When her daughter was identified as a challenged reader in the first grade, Narda discovered that English is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn to read, even for native speakers. Narda analyzed the English alphabet to understand why it is so difficult (1 in 4 children grow up without learning to read). She organized the letters in the same way the Japanese organized their Hiragana characters.

Source: TEDx Talks Channel on Youtube

Photo taken from www.nardagani.com


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  1. This is good video. very motivating everyone wants to learn English. This video can also give the message that if there is a difficulty there must be another way that can be used to be able to learn so that it is not easy to give up learning English

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