How to Improve Listening Skill Effectively?

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Listening skill is really important for everyone, because you can’t communicate with people without understanding what they say. So how can we improve listening English skill effectively? The video above will show you one way to improve without spending much of your free time listening. The author has tried it since she was in secondary school and it really works.

Why do people fail to improve their listening skills? You need to understand why people fail to improve their listening skill, because listening is a long process and it takes time for you to see the result. A lot of people don’t realize or even don’t know that, hence they often give up. Or they apply lots of methods at the same time which requires a lot of time per day for them to practice.

For instance some guys try to watch movies many times to understand every sentence. First time for listening and the second time for reading subtitles. However, surely that only after the second time you will be fed up with that movie and give up. One more method that many students apply is note-taking. It means that you will take note of what you hear, but actually you will have to spend much time on this method on reaching the correct gist of dialogue. As a result they will feel bored with those tips after a few tries or a few months. And it only works for students when they are preparing for the test or someone who is not busy and doesn’t have much work to do. They are called ineffective methods.

Therefore here is a very basic and simple method that can be used for any level especially, so you won’t have to use that method in your free time. And you can use that time for some extra activities to support for this method. So what is it? It’s called natural listening to the main source. It comes from the practical listening dialogue or conversation in daily life. It consists of two steps.

Step 1: download all possible listening sources to your phone, including podcasts, daily conversations and so on. This listening material will be the best source, because you will hear the real conversation they actually speak in the most natural way. Through this kind of materials you can listen to the basic and common words that you see every day in life. And how people use those words you can look it up at the end of the video for more sources to download.

Step 2: after downloading it you should make use of your time to listen, but don’t listen in your free time, just listen when you do others activities which don’t distract you much or require much more attention. For example, you can listen when you’re traveling, especially when you use public transport. You can easily use that method or when you’re in a queue waiting for your favorite food or movie tickets or when you’re doing exercises.

In that kind of situation you can choose to listen to specific topics suitable for the situation, like listening to the description of the food when you are waiting for it or some trailers of the film so you can get the gist of the movie. It really works for you, because first you will save your free time for doing something else. Second, it will bring some excitement to you when you’re fed up with waiting or traveling and finally it helps you to listen in the most convenient way. Hence you can listen to it for a long time without being bored.

By only spending 30 minutes listening per day you can listen to a total of 10,950 minutes for practical English conversation in one year for every topic compared to listen through movies with 100 minutes average for each movie for movies each month. So the maximum you will have is 20,800 minutes for listening. However in a hundred minutes there is approximately 50% for listening to itself and not all are listening in dialogue or conversation. And even you will find it effective, you have to listen through the movie in your free time to get your most attention. Another is that sometimes movies are far from reality so you will find it hard to apply it in real life. But remember, applying the natural listening method for the improvement of listening skill takes time. Attempt to be patient and you’ll get what you want. [Watch till the end of video to get links to download for free materials in it]

Source: Helena Daily English Channel on Youtube


  1. I think this video is very good. Because in this video tell the way to improve listening skill with some methods which is easy to understand, and not boring. Previously we were taught with less effective methods, because it takes us a long time to master it and it’s not interesting to do it. but the method taught in this video is different. And I think the way in this video makes us develop to improve listening skill.

  2. In my opinion, in improving to listening it is true that we should only understand from all the core discussions in the issue, because it is in vain if we understand listening English without knowing the core is just a waste of time. And improve listen must be repeated to get used to real listening in reality.Because learning to listen to good English without having to spend a long time makes us bored

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