Inilah Rahasia Menjadi Orang Sukses (Secret to Success) | Dr. Myles Munroe

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Rahasia menjadi orang sukses adalah dengan memahami bahwa kesuksesan bisa diprediksi, sehingga Anda bisa merencanakan kesuksesan. Rahasia kesuksesan, menurut Dr. Myles Munroe  dalam karir dan hidupnya sekarang, adalah karena dia telah membuat keputusan mau menjadi apa dan apa yang mau dilakukannya pada masa remaja.

Dan hal yang sama berlaku juga bagi kegagalan. Sehingga kegagalan pun dapat diprediksi, karena sama dengan kesuksesan, kegagalan juga merupakan hasil dari langkah-langkah sebuah rencana yang kita jalankan. Itulah rahasia dari kesuksesan dan kegagalan pada setiap orang.

Mengapa Anda mesti sukses? Karena di alam, Tuhan memperlihatkan bahwa sukses telah ada dalam setiap ciptaan-Nya. Burung bisa terbang, secara alamiah. Ikan bisa berenang, secara alamiah. Bahkan bibit tanaman hanya tinggal ditaruh di tanah akan tumbuh secara alami.


Silakan dilihat video Rahasia Kesuksesan (Secret to Success) dari Dr. Myles Munroe di bawah ini:



Berikut ini script dari video di atas:

Success is predictable so you can literally plan success. I am successful today in my life globally impacting millions of people because I made a decision as a teenager as to what I wants to be and do.

And it’s the same reason why people fail. Success is predictable. And success is predictable because life is designed for your success. But failure is also predictable, because failure is the same result as success.

Let me explain what I mean. God designed everything he created to be successful. You will never see a bird who cannot fly. Naturally you will never see a fish who cannot swim.

Naturally every seed if you put it in the ground and give it water you don’t need to pray. It is designed to bring forward a tree .

Everything God created has built into it its own success. And if the plan is here today and gone tomorrow how much more important are you to God?

The average human being does not know why they are on planet Earth. They wake up every morning, go into a job. They hate working with people they don’t like. Getting paid less than their work and dying too young from frustration.

Because they don’t know why they exists. Without a purpose life has no meaning. It has no sense of destiny, no sense of precision. The average human on earth have no idea about their ability.

90% of human population will die and never achieve more than 10% of their true ability. This is the frustration of all human. Every human wants to be successful.

I have never met any human who said I plan to fail tomorrow. No human wants to fail, am I right? Everybody wants to succeed, but I have some good news for you. Write this down success is predictable.

What is my destination?Everyone wants to know what is my future, where am I going in the next 20 years 40 years? What will I be when I am 75 or 80? What is my destiny?

The greatest tragedy in life is life without a purpose. Nothing is worse than being alive and not knowing why breathing oxygen and eating food and getting energy. And don’t know why you have it to live for 80 years and still didn’t know why you were here.

That’s a tragedy. Your success is important to God. God needs you to succeed. When I discovered this I became very bold.

I put pressure on God. I discovered this when I was 17 years old .I discovered that God needed me to succeed because success is built-in to creation by every manufacturer.

Success is important to every manufacturer who makes the product. So the success of the product is necessary to protect the reputation of the company.

So the worst thing that can happen to a manufacturer is when his product fails. His entire reputation and company can be destroyed. So success is necessary for the manufacturer.

You are a product and the first thing the manufacturer placed on you is his image. The manufacturer says let us make a product in our image. The first thing he put on you is the most important thing to him: his image.

You are just like the manufacturer. That means your failure is bad for God. I have come with good news you cannot fail anymore. God has to guarantee your success not to protect you. God has to make sure that the vision he gives you succeeds because his reputation is on the line…..(Please watch the whole video to find out more).


Source: Success Motion Channel on Youtube

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