Kebakaran Hutan Terbesar dalam Sejarah Australia pada Tahun 2019 / 2020

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Kebakaran hutan Australia pada tahun 2019 hingga 2020 adalah yang terbesar dalam sejarah negara itu. Tahun 2019 juga memecahkan rekor sebagai tahun dengan temperatur terpanas dan paling kering di benua Kanguru.

Kebakaran Australia terbesar itu dimulai pada bulan Juni 2019. Berawal dari negara bagian Queensland, kebakaran menjalar dengan cepat ke daerah selatan Queensland hingga mencapai negara bagian New South Wales.

Kemudian pada hari Sabtu 26 Oktober 2019, petir menyambar di Gospers Mountain, New South Wales. Di sekitar pegunungan tersebut adalah Wollemi National Park. Api dengan cepat menjalar hingga membakar area hutan seluas 440.000 hektar dalam 2 bulan berikutnya.

Hingga awal tahun baru 2020, lebih dari 4.000 orang mengungsi mencari tempat yang aman hingga ke pantai-pantai. Keadaan bertambah buruk pada tanggal 4 Januari 2020 di mana suhu mencapai titik teringgi 48,9 derajat Celcius di Western Sydney. Kebakaran juga muncul di Pulau Kangaroo, South Australia yang diperkuat dengan angin berkecepatan mencapai 100 km / jam.

Selengkapnya bisa disaksikan pada video di bawah ini:



Berikut ini adalah transkrip video tersebut dalam bahasa Inggris:

Australia continues to endure a long hot and tragic summer. Extreme conditions have contributed to extreme disasters. The worst of course has been the bush fires burning all over the country.

Many of which are still active despite the heroic efforts of thousands of brave men and women. Lives have been lost and enormous amounts of property destroyed . Can we stop it happening again? First let’s look back at the firefight that shook Australia.

Year 2019, it has been Australia’s hottest and driest year on record. Records are broken – for the start of the bushfire season with fire sparking in Queensland as early as June as the fires hit South. The warnings are ominous for a dangerous summer ahead. “There was no moisture in the landscape and fires were starting easily and spreading very quickly”.

Then on Saturday, October the 26th, a single bolt of lightning strikes the remote Gospers Mountain in New South Wales, deep in the dense Wollemi National Park. The Gospers Mountain fires waiting burnt out over the next two months. It becomes the biggest bushfire in Australian history.

“Damaging destructive deadly fires across New South Wales. All the arsenal in the world is going to put these things out.” Blazers are now to the north and south.

It breaks in a fury on the final day of the decade. It felt like as a country we were preparing for doomsday. “What we saw on New Year’s Eve was fire behavior exceeding worst-case scenario. The bush fire ripped over the mountains straight towards packed holiday spots.”

A fire front unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Uncontrolled mega blazes that in many cases cannot be fought. The names of villages and towns scorched into the history of those terrible 24 hours.

“More than 4000 people with nowhere to go.” Thousands of bushfire refugees seeking shelter on the beaches we were talking about life and death.

The New Year dawns to a blackened land and the reality of a new suffering. It seems scarcely believable that the fires can get any worse. But the devastated country its people and its firefighters have only three scant days before the weather is predicted to turn catastrophic again.

And in the early hours of January 4th, it does. Across Australia heat records are smashed at 48.9 degrees. Western Sydney is the hottest place on the planet. A deadly new blaze ignites on Kangaroo Island in South Australia and fuelled by 100 kilometer an hour winds in New South Wales and Victoria. It is a day and night of utter terror.

Fires so big. They create their own deadly weather. Fires that turn into tornadoes.  By nights end Australia has changed….(Please watch the entire video to find out more).


Source: 60 Minutes Australia Channel on Youtube

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