Learn English Through Story – The House On The Hill by Elizabeth Laird

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The House on The Hill by Elizabeth Laird: Part One.

It was a beautiful summer evening. Paul was happy. No more exams. College was finished now. He needed a job. He wanted to be a writer, and worked for a newspaper. But first, he needed a rest.

It was hot in the house. There was no wind. I’ll go for a walk, said Paul to himself. I’ll go down to the river. Paul lived in a small town and he was soon outside in the country. He walked near the river and watched the water birds.

Suddenly he saw the girl. She was standing alone looking into the water. She was young and very beautiful. She had long dark hair and she was wearing a pretty white dress.

(Please watch the whole video to practice your listening)

Source: English Stories Collection Channel on Youtube


  1. this story illustrates a poor man who likes women from a wealthy family, they repeatedly meet in a river they fall in love but the parents of this woman do not agree because the man is poor then the man feels a little sad, but he does not despair he then took part in an essay writing competition, and after 2 weeks the man won a prize of $ 500 and became a famous writer then he returned to meet the woman to propose to him

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