Lesson 1 – Top 10 Must-See Attractions in London

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The folllowing is the edited script of the above video:


10. National Gallery

Museums are always fantastic tourist destinations and London is home to some absolutely phenomenal ones that even the most lazy fare traveler won’t be able to help but appreciate. The National Gallery is one such institution. This iconic art museum is located in the famous Trafalgar Square and just the building alone is worth the trip.


9. Hyde Park

Located in Central London, Hyde Park covers 350 acres of land. Given its impressive size, beautiful design and location within a major metropolis it tends to earn a lot of  comparisons to New York City’s Central Park, but really that feels like a disservice to Hyde Park’s long and storied history.

In its earliest form it served as the private hunting ground of Henry VIII. Much later in 1851 it was home to the Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace.


8. British Museum

London seriously delivers when it comes to educational institutions dedicated to arts culture and history. The single most popular tourist attraction in the entire country with over close to six million visitors annually.

It has more than earned its attention of the masses millions of fascinating art objects has spread across dozens of galleries ranging far and wide in subject and era from antiquity to modernity. Some of the most popular must-see attractions include the Rosetta Stone which was crucial to understanding the written language of ancient Egypt.


7. London Eye

As much as we love the rich history on display in London, it’s also very very much a modern city with attractions to match. The London Eye is a massive observational ferris wheel that reaches a staggering 443 feet into the air.

Offering breathtaking views of the city and many of its most recognizable attractions at 37 pounds per adult when you book ahead, it’s by no means a cheap experience. But considering the entire ride lasts about 30 minutes a lifetime compared to the conventional ferris wheels and the technology that went into its design.


6. Trafalgar Square

This iconic space in Westminster is far more than just a means to an end. It’s an important piece of London’s history. The square itself in its current form only dates back to 1844. The location’s historical importance goes way back to the 13th century when it was home to the King’s muse over the years.


5. The Victoria and Albert Museum

Last but most certainly not least of the museums that we’re highly recommending today is the V and A which is dedicated to the decorative arts and sculpture as well as design in general. The largest museum of its kind in the city, it covers a wide range of materials from ancient furniture and rugs to the distinctive fashions of bygone cultures…

(Please watch the entire video to find out the rest of the must-see attractions in London)


Source: Mojo Travels Channel on Youtube.

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