Ordering Coffee at Starbucks | English Class

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Hi folks…In this English lesson, we will look at the English vocabularies you need when ordering coffee at very famous coffee shop. Yes, it is Starbucks. You will learn the useful expressions to give you the confidence to order it in English.

So the next time you order coffee, you can do it without any problems. Please note, don’t forget to carry enough money since the price is not so cheap. But don’t worry, what you will experience is far more valuable than what you have spent, especially when you practice your English to make it more fluently with confidence.


Source: Eat Sleep Dream English Channel on Youtube


  1. First determine the type of drink
    Must know how many types of pumps for syrup
    For allergies, cow’s milk can use soy milk

  2. the use of the word “would you like” helps the customer to order what type of coffee he likes.
    the waiter also revealed all the menus available on the screen and uttered in a friendly and polite manner.
    Customers will be asked the size of the glass to be used for drinking coffee and the glass will be given your name

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