The Power of ATTITUDE – A Powerful Motivational Speech by Dr. Myles

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Let’s talk a little bit about the lion. The lion has what I call the spirit of leadership and this word spirit here is referring to attitude. Everybody’s attitude. A leader has a attitude that makes him or her different from followers. The lion is the king of the jungle, but the lion to me is a great source of encouragement to all of us. I want you to write this down, remember this as long as you live:

1. The lion is not the tallest animal in the jungle.

2. The lion is not the largest animal in the jungle.

3. The lion is not the heaviest animal in the jungle.

4. The lion is not the smartest animal or the most intelligent animal in the jungle.


[Dr. Myles Munroe’s Motivational Speech on Secret of Success (Rahasia Menjadi Orang Sukses)]


And yet when the lion shows up, they all run away. Well, here’s one of my favorite quotes that I put in my books and I believe it really brings home the point.


An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lions led by a sheep


And the answers to that dilemma is this: because leadership can transform cowards into violent warriors. The right kind of leadership can transform a timid into bold people. That powerful leadership can walk into a camp of depressed people on in 20 minutes, they are turned on into unbelievable powerful armies because leadership determines everything. The lion is the king of the jungle because of one word: attitude.

The lion has a different attitude that makes every animal afraid of him. We don’t want to lead by fear but it does take respect for you to become a leader. When I use the word” fear in the jungle” we’re talking about respect. The elephant respects the lion, the hyenas respect the lion, the giraffes respect the lion. What makes these massive animals respect such a small cap: the attitude.


[Understanding Your Potential – How Leaders Think by Dr. Myles Munroe]


Attitude is the difference. For example a lion will see an elephant and the thing that counts with mind, one word: lunch. I could eat this thing and he acts the way he thinks. Now here’s another amazing mystery; the elephant is larger, bigger, stronger, more powerful, heavier and more intelligent and yet when the elephant sees the lion, one word comes to mind: eater.

Attitude is a product of belief. You cannot have an attitude beyond your belief. So your attitude comes from your belief system. The lion is the king because of what he believes about himself.


Source: Titan Man Channel on Youtube


  1. This Vidio was very inspiring for my life.that,
    life must be like a lion. even if it is not as big as an elephant, not as tall as a giraffe and not as smart as an ape. but what other animals are subject to him because of what?
    because the lion has a leadership spirit, he is like a king in the forest. when other animals meet him they immediately bow because they know that the lion has a predatory soul
    so life is not to never give up, we imitate like a lion even though we are lacking but still optimistic that we will advance or success.
    Muhammad wima

  2. Quite interesting when speaking to attitude, this is what makes me think that attitude is very important to the soul of a leader. Like a lion being scared because of his silence and on the other hand a dog is underestimated because of his barking.

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    Prodi : teknik sipil 18 . Institut teknologi indonesia

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