Understanding Your Potential – How Leaders Think by Dr Myles Munroe

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Dr. Myles Munroe was once invited to speak on Your Potential (Leadership and Thinking) at Harvard University and the room was filled with all of these technocratic and these professors. And all these were Ivy League people and they invited him to speak first on leadership then also talked about thinking. When he was finished, first standing ovation ever at Harvard University.

They say they had never heard anybody get into their heads before. He exposes those who are racists then he shows you that your thinking is your philosophy that destroys the way you treat people. Why? Because unless your mind changes, you will never become a leader.


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Watch the video below on Understanding Your Potential – How Leaders Think by Dr. Myles Munroe:



Here is the script:

Ladies and gentlemen, we put it this way. Attitude determines your limitation which means that your belief system determines how far you go. You can never lead beyond your attitude and your belief system and that’s why your life is what you think it should be and exactly what it is.

Attitude is the manifestation of your personal philosophy. Write this down: philosophy is a product of your ideas. Do you believe that everyone is a leader? You have properties for them and I understand because the culture doesn’t allow it.


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Could you imagine going to work tomorrow telling your boss I am a leader? To you the problem is with that people. Tell me you know they have a PhD in physics and I laugh at them. I say really so what does that mean? That means nothing to me.

Does it make it? That doesn’t make you better than me. Your education doesn’t change your human body. We are still equal as humans and I do know some things you don’t know.

So we got to be careful with our philosophy. Ideas is the source of our philosophy and I like the Great King said (King Solomon)” man’s think were in his heart”. So don’t ever quote that verse again without putting the word heart in it. Most of you quote that and leave the word are out and the most important part of the verse is the word heart.

Because the heart is the Hebrew word that has to do with the center of reasoning. It is the place where you have meetings with yourself. Where you talk to yourself that’s your heart. That’s the meeting place where you are recently with yourself.

That’s where you sit down and answer I’m a sinner can I do this, can I not do it, can I really do this? That’s where you have a meaning to yourself because that’s where your belief system is hidden. In other words your heart is also for causing the hidden man.

The psychologists would call it your sub-conscious mind. I call it your hard drive. You know this iPad drive on it. Don’t trust what’s on the desktop display, don’t trust that the stuff on the inside. That’s the real thing now. What is your heart? Your heart is the place where you keep all the ideas you collected all your life. The ones you believed….. (Please watch the entire video to find out the rest of the story)


Source: Mymotivational Life Channel on Youtube

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