What Do These TV and Movie Phrases Mean?

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If you watch TV and movies in English, you’ll probably see a lot of new words and expressions that might not come up in your regular English study.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what certain phrases mean, so based on students’ questions ten phrases from TV shows and movies are explained in the video.

Informal spoken English – like the kind you hear in movies and native speakers’ conversations – is full of expressions that English textbooks often don’t teach. The video above will be the best source for you to start learning some new expression you might hear from TV shows or movies.

Here are the expressions:

  1. Your analysis is spot on
  2. He’s hell-bent on winning
  3. Make it snappy
  4. Don’t get your hopes up
  5. He’s just trying to pick a fight
  6. I don’t mean to pry
  7. Are you prepared to see this through?
  8. He doesn’t take kindly to people meddling in his life
  9. The desserts are to die for
  10. I knew those boys were up to no good


Source: Espresso English Channel on Youtube


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