Lesson 2 – 20 Things To Do in Los Angeles in 2020

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Here is the edited script of the video:


1. Downtown LA

Downtown LA often gets a bad rap and while it does have its share of problems there are still a lot of great places to explore there. One of them is the Broad Museum for its modern art, sky space for its glass slide and awesome views and Grand Central Market for all of its fun restaurants.


2. Hollywood Boulevard

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is something that pretty much every tourist wants to see when they visit Los Angeles. Here you will see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theatre with its hand in footprints and the many museums from Ripley’s Believe It or Not to the Wax Museum. It is definitely an overload for your senses walking around down there and it’s a fun way to spend a couple hours while you are in Los Angeles.


3. Griffith Observatory

The views from the observatory are amazing with the Hollywood sign in one way and downtown LA the other. Of course, the observatory is also fun to explore as it is free to enter and has lots of great exhibits. It is a great place to spend at least a few hours. Do note that parking can be pretty difficult here especially on the weekends.


4. The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is probably the most iconic part of Los Angeles and something that everyone wants to see when they visit. There are many great places to view the sign from like Lake Hollywood Park. But if you really want to experience it consider hiking up to it.

The hike is steep if you take the Wisdom Tree trail but it gives you some great views of LA and lets you get to as close to the sign as you’re allowed. Well, you can’t really get that close to it. You can walk up the hill behind it and get some great views looking down on it with the city in the distance.


5. California Science Center in Exposition Park

Exposition Park is most famous as the home of the Coliseum where many football games and concerts are held. But it also has the awesome California Science Center as well. The center is free to enter and has many impressive exhibits on its three floors.

However the main reason to come is to see the space shuttle Endeavour which made its way here in 2012 and has been a popular tourist attraction since. It’s amazing to see the space shuttle up close and it’s worth a visit even if you don’t see anything else in the museum…

(Please watch the whole video to find out the rest of things to do in Los Angeles)


Source: California Through My Lens Channel on Youtube

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